5 qualities to look for in an ideal candidate

5 qualities to look for in an ideal candidate

It’s the day of your next job interview tomorrow and you are as nervous as an opening batsmen in a cricket world cup final match. Well let me tell you that it happens to the best of us and many of these people have aced their way through a job interview. All it needs is a little confidence and alertness, apart from these there are 5 qualities that a manager looks for in a candidate.

Subject matter expert

One of the most important factors that affect placements is the understanding and expertise in the subject matter, without which it would be difficult for any recruiter to understand if you really have what it takes for a particular position. Give the hiring manager a glimpse into your world of expertise by showing your knowledge of a field. This requires extensive research from business journals, websites and media that has information regarding everything that the job and the company is involved with. This knowledge will go a long way into your career with the company. Not only will you a bright spark among others, but also be highlighted among your peers for your interest in the company’s dealings and it’s knowledge-base.

All it takes is spending a little time everyday reading about the relative field and the market, and the knowledge you will possess will assure the managers that you are a worthy asset for the company.

Creative thinking

Impress your interviewer with your achievements and how you went about gaining it. The recruiter wants to feel that you have the potential to think straight, smart and creatively to overcome any given situation that may occur on a day-to-day basis. Tell them how you implemented change in your ways of working that proved to be beneficial to your stats and overall performance. It could be anything that you’ve done out of the box to affect work culture positively. Something as simple as using a virtual team app like Slack that makes messaging the team easier and efficient.

The recruiter needs to be confident that you have the ability to think outside the box, when need be, and come out shining at the end of it.


Times are changing and so is technology, hence the inner-workings of an organization change accordingly. These changes occur all the time at a work-place and the entire work-force has to cope with it. Those who don’t, will have to bear the brunt of not performing as expected.

Adaptability is a must for any successful organization to function well, which is why you have to be alert and well aware of changing market trends and technology. Extensive knowledge in something as simple as MS Excel can help you gain proximity to becoming a reporting specialist. So assure your recruiter with online references to your report-work and any other tech-based expertise that can show your efficiency in adapting to new technology and processes.

Go beyond and rise above

Make your recruiter feel that you are the kind of person that will go above and beyond your line of duty to get the job done> Over-performing is always a good thing when it comes to working in corporate. Give the recruiter an instance where you went beyond to fulfill your duty and made sure that the jb is done. Boast of the time you stayed back a few hours to make sure that the project is perfect and delivered on time. This gives the impression that you are willing to sacrifice time when needed for the betterment of the organization.

Be proud of your work

You may not be a part of the previous company anymore, but that does not change the fact that the stage it is on today is because of your contributions. Whether it was just sending timely reports or administering the house-keeping staff or supervising a team, you must take pride in your achievements and you must own your mistakes. An employee that is honest to himself will make sure that he doesn’t work just for the sake of getting paid at the end of every month.