10 tips for a perfect resume

10 tips for a perfect resume

When looking for a job, part-time or full, the most important aspect that will decide your future is the document that says everything about you professionally, it is your resume. A resume is you in print. It is a portal for any manager to understand and gauge your ability and experience. A perfect resume can make or break your career. When creating your resume, here are 10 tips for a perfect resume.


The format of the resume is the font style, the font size, the color, etc. No one wants to waste their in going through a messy resume. So make sure that the format of the resume is standardized. Keep it neat, readable and arranged. There are templates available online that you can use based on the position and the kind of job that you can apply for, so make maximum use of it and print a resume that is neat and impressive enough.


Every piece of information on your resume has to be genuine. Your address and phone number is a must because this lets the viewer know that you are genuinely interested and the information provided is the platform to contact you through.

Sell yourself

I mean, figuratively, sell yourself through your resume. Make it the best sales pitch on print, your ambitions, your skills and everything that the company would be interested in knowing about you must be on print and customized to appeal to the interviewer.

Design as per employer

One of the most important aspects of a resume is to have the ability to appeal to a specific employer. Understand who your employer is and add bits to your resume should appeal to the employers and their needs. Your resume should be created based on the employer’s needs, for example if you are applying for a job with a digital or media agency, a link to your Facebook or Twitter can add a nice touch to your profile, or if you’re a freelance writer and applying for a permanent post, ad links to your online profiles related to your writing work.

Content order

Your resume has to be like unwrapping a gift. You lead them through reading first about you, then comes your work-experience, interests, qualifications, achievements (worth mentioning) and finally your skills. The reason for the order, first it is about you which is like introducing yourself, then comes work experience which tells them about you again but this times its the places you’ve been actively a part of, next comes your interests because it will determine what you are outside of work and how the skills required there might help you at work. Now the qualifications come right before the end because they are a mere formality for the reader to make a note of, and finally your skills is where it should en because this will determine how the conversation ends, based on your skills the rest of the interview takes direction.

Quality matters

The resume cannot possible have all your experiences and ambitions, so make it short and crisp. Also the language used must be in order and proper, it is the deciding factor between your resume and an equally potential candidate.

Experience order

Always go backwards when writing about your work experience. The most recent comes first, because any employer wants to know more about your last job and not the ones you started off with first.

Notice period

If you are part of an organization while applying for a change, do not avoid to mention that you are still a part of another organization and that a notice period is in process. Without this your employers will be under the assumption that you can join immediately and draft an offer, this leaves you in a soup.


There are innumerable ways of making a resume appealing and attractive, check some great examples online. Don’t make it look like a data report, employers have to deal with them all day so they need something fresh. Check for templates related to the job you’re applying for, or get even more creative by posting your resume in a visual format. Either a short self-playing presentation or a video of yourself presenting your resume.


Let the employer know that you have a dream and that you are working towards it strategically. Mention your ambition in life or anything that you wish to achieve in brief, allowing the employer to understand that you have a goal and motivated enough to work hard through achieving it.